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Southwestern Dips.... Available in heat levels from mild to hot, these dips can be addictive with their tart and spicy flavor.  Each makes about 16 oz. when added to sour cream and a little mayonnaise.  Use as a dip with chips or as a spread on celery sticks, crackers, etc.  Envelope pack.

Jalapeno & Cilantro Dip
Medium heat great flavor.
(.75 oz.) $3.99

Fiesta Dip
Medium Hot, red chile based, our most popular dip.
(1 oz.) $3.99

Green Chile Dip
Mild to Medium, fresh green chile flavor.
(1 oz.) $3.99

Jalapeno Vegetable Dip
Medium heat. You can really taste the vegetables.
(.7 oz.) $3.99

Spicy Vegetable Dip
HOT! Habanero chile with great taste.
(.7 oz.) $3.99

Guacamole Dip
Add to avocado & sour cream mmm good.
(.75 oz.) $3.99

Chipotle Chile Dip
Medium heat; add to sour cream.
(1 oz.) $3.99

Chipotle & Spinach Dip
Medium heat.
(.7 oz.) $3.99

Fajita Mix
Mild-Medium heat.  Marinate chicken or beef.
(1 oz.) $3.99

Carne Adavado Mix
Mild-Medium heat.  Serve as filling for burritos.
(1.25 oz.) $3.99

Queso Dip
Medium heat. Garnish with tomatoes & green chile. 
(.75 oz.) $3.99

Hot Wing Marinade
Medium heat.  Save a portion for hotter wings
. (1.25 oz.) $3.99

Red Chile Enchilada Sauce
Medium heat.  Pour over eggs or potatoes.
(1.5 oz.) $3.99

Jalapeno Garlic Salsa
Mild.  Just add to fresh tomatoes.
(.75 oz.) $3.99

Fire Roasted Chipotle Salsa Mix
Add to Velveeta Cheese for queso dip. 
(.5 oz.) $3.99

Roasted Garlic & Olive Salsa
(16 oz.) $6.49

Chive & Garlic Dip
Fresh taste of chives. Great on baked potatoes.
(.5 oz.) $3.99

Spinach Dip
Excellent with vegetables and stuffed celery.
(.7 oz.) $3.99

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