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Home Style Salsa - (heat range: mild, medium, not or X-hot)
Our old stand by.  A tomato based salsa that is flame roasted, rich, thick and chunky and is chock full of all the things that make a superb salsa.  One taste and you'll know why "Chile Addict" is rapidly becoming a household name. 16 oz. jars.
Item #25172 (Mild) - $4.99
Item #25174 (Medium) - $4.99
Item #25176 (Hot) - $4.99
Item #25177 (X-Hot) - $4.99

Salsa Chipotle - (heat range: medium hot)
Chile Addict Chippotle salsa is based on the smoked Jalapeno with its wonderful mesquite smoke flavor.  with fresh garlic, onions, and roasted tomatoes, this one is a favorite among many of the locals.  16 oz. jar.
Item #25276 - $5.99

Green Chile Salsa - (heat range: medium or hot)
This all natural salsa is fat free and has no preservatives.  Made from the finest open flame roasted New Mexico green chile with just the right touch of habanero for flavor and tang.  This blended with onions, garlic, and fresh cilantro gives you the most perfect blend of flavors that ever garnished a taco or sat on top of a corn chip.  16 oz. jars.
Item #27374 (Medium) - $5.99
Item #27376 (Hot) - $5.99

Jalapeno Salsa - (heat range: medium hot)
The finest New Mexico grown Jalapenos are used to flavor this salsa.  All natural and fat-free of course.  This salsa has no preservatives.  16 oz. jar.
Item #25476 - $4.99

Green Chile and Fresh Garlic Salsa - (heat range: medium or hot)
Garlic lovers rejoice!  Now a salsa with a true fresh garlic flavor.  Made with vine-ripened tomatoes and our famous Hatch Green Chile (that has been open flame roasted) and of course, fresh garlic.  100% natural.  No preservatives.  No added sugar, salt fats, or oils.  16 oz jars.
Item #25574 (Medium) - $5.99
Item #25576 (Hot) - $5.99

Red Chile and Fresh Garlic Salsa - (heat range: medium or hot)
Like its counterpart above, this salsa is full of true fresh garlic flavor.  This time the Red Hatch Chile is vine-ripened, open flame roasted and hand peeled before being chopped and added to the cooking pot.  Still 100% natural with no preservatives.  No added sugar, salt, fats or oils.  16 oz. jars.
Item #25674 (Medium) - $4.99
Item #25676 (Hot) - $4.99

Habanero Salsa - (heat range: extra hot)
This salsa starts out with vine ripened tomatoes and New Mexico grown Habanero Chile.  Add the other standard salsa ingredients of onion, garlic, and cilantro with a few spices and voila! instant winner!  As always, only all natural and fat free ingredients are used. 16 oz. jar.
Item #25877 - $4.99

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