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Green Chile Stew Mix
Just add water and your choice of meats.  Makes six 16 oz. servings.  Has instructions for vegetarian stew also.  8.75 oz. package.  Recipes included.
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15315 - $6.99

The primary ingredient of a Mexican stew by the same name.  Posole is Mexican for "hominy" and is generally available in several different forms.  Dried is one of the more common and certainly the easiest to store.  The stew itself, is a favorite both north and south of the border and definitely should be tried by all who enjoy the southwest cuisine.  Recipe included.  White or Blue corn.  12 oz. bags.
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34714 (White)  - $4.99
Item #34754 (Blue) - $4.99

Whole sweet white corn, baked in earthen horno (adobe) ovens until dry.  Comes with Chile Chicos Stew recipe on back.  6 oz.
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CAC - $5.99




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