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Cervantes 3-Pack, 16 oz. jars - $26.99


Green Chile Sauce:  A truly New Mexican culinary delicacy! This hearty blend of New Mexican chopped green chile, tomatoes, and spices offers an appetizing and healthful ingredient to any poultry, meat or vegetable dish. It is said that a prolonged absence of green chile leaves regular users with a vague, empty feeling in their souls. Warm your Heart and Soul New Mexico Style! All Natural goodness. No preservatives, additives or fillers.Scovie Award Winner 2003!

Red Chile Sauce:  A bold and savory sauce made from Mew Mexico's flaming heart - the sun-ripened red chile pod! Combined with a variety of spices, this restaurant signature red chile sauce is blended for today's gourmet aficionado who demands both healthful ingredients and unbounded flavor. Unlike any other, Cervantes Red Chile Sauce exemplifies our diverse cultural heritage and is guaranteed to make chile connoisseurs smile with delight! All natural. No preservatives, additives or fillers. Natural source of Vitamins A and C. Scovie Award Winner 2002, 2003 - First Place!

Hot Salsa:  Salsa tha Sizzles! A zesty blend fo garden fresh jalapeņos, two varieties of onions, juicy plump tomatoes, and a perfect combination fo Old World spices. This sizzling salsa will turn an every day event into a smokin' affair! All natural - no preservatives.


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