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The Chile Addict - Chile Products & Southwestern Gifts

  With 10 varieties, there's sure to be a favorite for everyone!
Available in Regular or Decaf, Whole Bean or Ground

12oz Regular or Decaf - $12.99

Tantalizing Taos House Blend
Dark and medium roasts combine for a sweet and pungent bouquet, a favorite in this famed snow-capped New Mexico resort town.
Sandia Best Blend
One of our early blends.  A dark roast, both rich and mellow.  Still a favorite of those who prefer a dark roast coffee.
Essence of Santa Fe
Medium roasted, full-bodied and creamy in taste.  One sip transports you to this beautiful region that we call home.
Manzano Italiano
Named after the famed Monzano mountains, this high-energy espresso produces a thick, rich cream and goes down smooth and sweet.
Route 66 or Bust
Robust coffee named for famed Route 66 where we began this trek.  Dark roasted with chocolate undertones evocative of Rout 66 diner malts.
Adobe Morning Blend
Enjoy this excellent early morning breakfast treat; medium roasted and mildly spicy like a warm cinnamon roll.
Mountain Medley
A blend of our two most favored mountain blends: Sandia Best and Manzano Italiano, roasted to perfection, dark and robust.


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