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  Chile Jams (heat range: mild to medium)
All natural.  These home style jams would be the envy of any southwest homemaker.  Uniquely New Mexican, use as glaze on meat or poultry dishes or as a spread for toast or bagels.  Blend with cream cheese for a delightful dip.  10 oz. jars.
Green Chile - $4.99
Green Chile with Pineapple - $4.99
Red Chile - $4.99
Red Chile with Strawberry - $4.99
Jalapeno - $4.99
Jalapeno with Apple - $4.99
Habanero with Peach - $4.99
Prickly Pear Cactus - $4.99
Prickly Pear Cactus with Green Chile - $4.99
Chile Honey (heat range: mild to medium)
It had to happen.  A partnership between Chile Addict and the bees of the Hatch Valley in south-central New Mexico.  According to our sources, the bees agree to produce the finest golden honey and the fine folks at Chile Addict will blend it into the most unforgettable spread imaginable. 
And you, my fellow chile loving friends, shall reap the rewards.  12 oz. jar.
Item #24160 - $7.99
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