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Anaheim Chile Seeds - $2.49
This California green chile is mildly hot and easy to grow. With its modest heat level it is widely used for all cooking purposes. Great for canning, freezing and drying. Qty: 50 seeds Heat Level: Mild.

Bhut Jolokia aka GHOST PEPPER or Naga Jolokia Chile Seeds - $3.99
It is so hot you can't even imagine! The chile paste can be used for everything from hot sauces to tear gas. The world's hottest pepper at over 1,000,000 scoville units. High humidity will increase its heat. Warning: Handle with extreme caution and use hand, eye and breathing protection. Qty: 10 seeds Heat Level: WAY TO HOT!

Big Sun Scotch Bonnet Chile Seeds - $3.99
Big Sun is an African strain of the Scotch Bonnet chiles that are native to the Caribbean. This is the biggest and heaviest Scotch Bonnet. Once you get over the initial blistering heat, the intense citrus-like fruity flavor will win you over. Qty: 10 seeds Heat Level: Very Very Very Hot

Carolina Reaper Chile Seeds - $3.99
A tidal wave of scorching fire! In late 2012 the Reaper was declared the hottest pepper in the world by the Guiness Book of World Records. When you eat it your ears will pop, your body will tingle, everything will feel numb, and you will have the most intense endorphin rush. If you want to suffer and burn, this is the pod for you!
Qty: 10 Seeds Heat Level: Stupid Hot Scoville Units: 1,500,000 – 2,000,000

Cayenne "Ring-o-Fire" Chile Seeds - $2.49
The Cayenne pepper is named for the capital of French Guiana by the same name and the nearby Cayenne river in South America where the peppers grow. A good choice for short season gardeners. Qty:50 seeds Heat Level: Very Very Hot

Chimayo Chile Seeds - $2.49
New Mexico landraces developed from seeds brought from Mexico by the early Spanish explores who settled the northern New Mexico towns of San Juan and Santa Fe after 1600. Chimayo chiles make great red chile sauce. It tastes sweet and then hot. Qty: 50 seeds Heat Level: Hot

Chocolate Habanero Chile Seeds - $3.99
This small pepper is Very hot with a great aroma. It rivals the legendary Red Savina at 325,000 - 425,000 scoville units. Produces high yields. Qty: 10 seeds.  Heat Level: Very Very Very Extra Hot

De Arbol Chile Seeds, Chile de Arbol - $2.49
A 'tree like' plant from the Oaxaca, Jalisco and Nayarit regions of Western Mexico. Also known as Pico de Pajaro (bird's beak) or Cola de Rata (rat's tail).  Qty: 50 seeds.  Heat Level: Very Hot 

Hatch Green Chile Seeds - $2.49
Get ready for a huge crop of hot green chiles. Easy to grow, this chile has great flavor and easy harvesting.  Qty: 50 seeds Heat Level: Hot

Hatch Red Chile Seeds - $2.49
Fantastic sweet red Hatch chile flavor with some heat! This chile is sweeter and has a more complex flavor than its Hatch Green chile compadre. Qty: 50 seeds.  Heat Level:  Medium.

New Mexico Hot Pepper Green Chile Seeds:
These varieties truly represent the traditional New Mexican Green Chiles that everyone loves and wants. Five seed varieties were developed in New Mexico, and the sixth variety is America's favorite, the Early Jalapeno.   Sandia Seed only sells the highest quality seed available. Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed by Sandia Seed.  Each pack contains 40-60 seeds per pack; net weight 300 mg.

NuMex Heritage 6-4; Mild to Medium Hot Green Chile $2.49
Item #1006-NM6.  This new chile variety has 5 times more flavor and aroma than the original New Mexico No.6Great choice for Traditional New Mexican Green Chile Sauce.

NuMex Heritage Big Jim Medium Hot Green Chile $2.49
Item #1006-NMBJ.  This improved variety has more flavor, better yields and produces a larger crop over the growing season. Heat Level is very consistent Medium Hot,  Large 8" pods an excellent choice for Chile Rellenos.

NuMex Joe E. Parker Mild to Medium Hot Green Chile $2.49
Large 8" pods great for stuffing or roasting.

NuMex Barker's XX Hot (Very, Very Hot) Green Chile $2.49
Hottest New Mexico Chile Pepper.

NuMex Sandia Medium Hot Green Chile $2.49
Matures early and popular variety for home gardens.

NuMex Espanola Improved Extra Hot Green Chile $2.49
Matures early and produces an abundant yield.

Poblano Chile Seeds.  $2.49
One of the most popular chiles grown in Mexico. Plants are 30 to 36” high and yield a continuous harvest over the entire season. Called a poblano or pueblano in the fresh green form and ancho as the dried red pod. Heat Level: Mildly Hot.  Qty: 50 seeds.

Early Jalapeno Very Hot Green Chile $2.49
Easy to grow in all climates.

Santa Fe Grande Medium Hot Green Chile $2.49
Popular yellow wax-type pepper, great for stuffing.

Serrano Chile Seeds - $2.49
Serrano peppers originated in the mountainous regions
(serranias) of the Mexican states of Puebla and Hidalgo. Serrano's are about 5 times hotter than Jalapenos. Qty: 50 seeds Heat Level: Very Hot

Tabasco Chile Seeds - $2.49
This chile originated from Tabasco, a state in Southeast Mexico. These fiery little jewels are the primary ingredient in tabasco sauce. Qty: 50 seeds.  Heat Level: Very Hot 

Tepin Chile Seeds - $3.99
Plants grow wild in Mexico, Texas, and New Mexico where the seeds are dispersed by birds. This chile is also known as Chiltepin.
Tepin peppers, nicknamed "bird's eye" peppers, rank high in heat level at 100,000 + scoville units. Qty: 10 seeds.  Heat Level: Very Very Very Hot 

Trinidad Scorpion Chile Seeds - $3.99
This Scorpion has quite a sting!.  Dangerously Hot - you will suffer!  A fruity taste wit delayed severe heat.  WARNING:  Handling this pepper requires extreme caution.  Wear hand, eye and breathing protection.  Qty: 10 seeds.  Heat Level:  Extreme, Severe, and Intense.  Scoville Units: > 1,400,000.

Habanero Seed Pack - (XXX Hot, 10), 1-1/2", think skin, for hot sauces and salsas
Item #CAHB - $1.99

Variety Chile Seed Pack - contains three types of chile seed: Anaheim, Jalapeno, Tepin
Item #CASVP - $2.99

Chile Descriptions:




     Ancho (AHN-cho) - Dried Poblano.  Heat: 3-5.  The Ancho is the sweetest of the dried chilies.  It has a mild fruity flavor with tones of coffee, liquorice, tobacco, dried plum, and raisin, and a little woody.  Indispensable for making sauces and moles.

     Cascabel (kas-kah-BELL) (AKA chile bola) - Dried cherry chile.  Heat: 4.  Thickly fleshed with a slightly acidic and tannic quality.  The rich flavors are a little smoky and woodsy with some tobacco and nutty tones.  Wonderful in sauces, salsas, soups and stews.  Seasons all.

     Chimayo (CHEE-MY-YO) - Dried chimayo.  Heat: 4.  A very flavorful chile.  Normally used in ground or crushed form.  It is produced from pure, seeded, stemmed and roasted chile pods with hearts removed, from the Chimayo Pueblo in New Mexico.  Makes a wonderful sauce, but can be used anywhere chile powder or crushed red chile is called for.

     Chipotle (chee-POHT-lay) (AKA chile ahumado or chile meco).  Smoked Jalapeno.  Heat: 5-6.  Medium thick fleshed, smoky and sweet in flavor with tobacco and chocolate tones.  Has a subtle, deep, rounded heat.  Widely used in Southwest cooking especially in soups, salsas and sauces.

     de Arbol (ARE-BOL) - Dried chile arbol.  Heat: 7-8.  Thinly fleshed; it has a tannic, smoky, grassy flavor with a searing, acidic heat on the tip of the tongue.  Primarily used in powdered form to make sauces.  Also used in soups and stews.

     Guajillo (wah-HEE-oh) - Dried guajillo.  Heat: 2-4.  Thinly fleshed and has a green tea and stemmy flavor with berry tones.  A little piney and tannic, with a sweet heat.  Commonly used in salsas, sauces, sups and stews.

     Habanero (ah-bah-NARROW) - Dried habanero.  Heat: 10.  The king of them all!  This is the hottest of all chiles but under its intense, fiery acidic heat is a very flavorful fruit.  Very thin fleshed with tropical fruit flavors of coconut and papaya with a hint of berry.  Used mainly in sauces and salsas, but can be used sparingly in soups and stews.

     Mulato (mu_LOT-toe) - Smoked poblano.  Heat: 2-4.  A different variety of the poblano, than the one used for the ancho, is smoked to make the mulato.  The flavor is much smokier without the depth or lingering taste.  While the predominant tone is liquorice, there are hints of dried cherry, tobacco and horehound.  It is an essential ingredient in making the classic mole sauce and can also be used in the preparation of soups, stews, and other sauces.

     Pequin - (peh_KEEN) (AKA chile pequeno) - Dried chile pequin.  Heat: 8.  This domesticated form of the wild chile tepin is thinly fleshed.  It has a light, sweet, smoky flavor with citrus, corn and nutty tones.  The heat is deep, fiery and transient, slightly more intense than the tepin.  Used more for adding heat than flavor, it is used in making salsas, soups, sauces, and spice vinegar.

     Pasilla (pah-SEE-hay) (AKA chile negro)  Dried chilaca.  Heat: 3-5.  Thin fleshed, its taste is rich and smoky with a touch of chocolate.  There are some berry, grape and herbaceous tones with a hint of liquorice.  Essential for mole sauces and excellent for other sauces as well.  Especially good a s a seasoning for seafood dishes.

     Pulla (PUH-yah) - Dried pulla.  Heat: 6.  Thin fleshed; it has a light flavor containing sharp fruit and cherry tones with a hint of liquorice.  Ha s dry, dusty, intense heat.  An excellent seasoning for salsas and stews.

    Serrano (sir-RON-no) (AKA chile seco) - Dried Serrano.   Heat: 7-8.  Not to be confused with the Morita, the dried Serrano ha a light fruit and citrus flavor containing an intense heat.  Primarily used for salsa and sauces.

     Red Amazon - Dried tabasco.  Heat: 8-9.  Thin fleshed with a sharp, biting heat, with some stemminess and hints of celery and green onion.  Use din many hot sauces.

     Tepin (teh-PEEN) (AKA chiltepin) - Dried tepin.  Heat: 8.  The small, berry like chile is the wild form of the chile pequin.  Very thinly fleshed, it has a dry, dusty flavor and a searing, transient heat.  Very good in salsas, soups, stews and flavored vinegar and oils.

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